let me be completely honest.


lets be real here.

i am late on everything this week. late on projects, let on prep work. late on moving out of my room. shambles. i wish more people understood what i mean when i say my life is shambles.

today is the fourth day i haven't washed my hair. i'm not sure if it would even matter if i did because we don't use ac and i just sweat while i sleep. it was a rough day babysitting a very tired four year old and to top it all off i'll just tell you, i'm a lady this week of the month.

i have been running around like a mad woman since sunday, trying to see old friends, working, having meetings, shooting projects at night. and i have loved every minute of it! i love being a creative. i love talking with other creatives and finding visions and making art. and so even though this evening i am so past tired and under prepared for my wedding this weekend, i am trying to remember that God gave me this purpose and wants me to carry his name high in everything i do, even when it gets exhausting.

and maybe i should take on fewer things at one time.

i'm sorry for not blogging very much lately. i miss it. i miss you guys. i just honestly haven't had a schedule all summer long and while it is wonderful, its also terrible. one day soon i will be back in the swing. i have so many things to share, so many things to tell you about. one of which is the title of the book i've decided to write. thats right, you read me, i, the dyslexic have decided to write a book.

it may take me 50 years, but get ready.

mom will you be my editor? alright i'm going to finish my laundry now. i love you all!

ps the photo is exactly what i felt like all day whenever anyone said anything to me. i wish i could control my face better.

Posted on August 6, 2014 .