Why You Should Wake Up.

i wasn't always a morning person. when i was a kid i hated getting up early. my dad used to make me wake up anyway and it was the constant fight. but all the sudden when i got in college my body decided it was time to wake up early. there was even a semester in there where my body decided that two hours a night was a good amount of sleep. thankfully we are past that. silly body.

and so i turned into a morning person. i would wake up on saturdays and gather my laundry and tip-toe out the door so i would have something to do while my roommate slept. i always tried to have all morning classes because it really is the afternoons i need a nap in. (although i really am not one to take naps either.) one of my favorite quotes these days is,

When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection.
— a.w. tozer

so much happens while we sleep. peoples lives are going on and things are happening that are meant for us to see. i have seen thousands of sunsets in my life but not one has ever compared to the beauty of a sunrise. so i encourage you to wake up and see His new mercies. its really something...

all of these photos are taken by my every lovely friend Kelce Frank. (who likes the sunrise as much as me.)

Posted on September 13, 2014 .