Grands | New Jersey

a few months ago i got to travel to New Jersey for a little family session with my cousins. or my second cousins? or once removed? i'm not sure. its all very confusing to me. either way i had never met them and i was so excited to get there and hang out.

i have seen pictures of B for years now and i always talk about what amazing hair she has. my hair is curly, but not as curly and awesome as hers. she has natural highlights from the summer and she doesn't know it, but people pay big money for highlights like that. she is blessed in the hair department. all three of my cousins are beautiful people and as a photographer all i had to go on was how excited i was to get them in front of the camera. 

what i found out after meeting them was that B is incredibly intelligent and taught me so many things about animals, S is so loving and all boy funny, he kept us laughing the whole time. and little peanut is the sassy little munchkin with good manners i've ever met. i had so much fun with them and when we left i couldn't help but feel like i need to make more trips up north to hang out with my new buddies. i miss their faces already. here are just a couple of my favorites from our time taking pictures. 

Posted on November 19, 2014 .