Monday's Thoughts

i slept like it was my job last night. i honestly don't think i've slept that well all summer. it was glorious and i woke up refreshed. sleep is a funny thing for me, i don't like to sleep too much but once in a while i sleep harder than the dead. its great.

i have had a ton of random small thoughts here recently and i haven't been able to put them into blog form so today i am just going to make a little list to share some of these nuggets.

1. the other night i slept on a pool table. i was at a friends house and sleeping in their basement, i had the foam mattress that i carry around in the back of my truck and as i was laying it out on the floor i started thinking about all the spiders and mice i had seen down there. and then i really couldn't just sleep in the floor. so i put my bed on the pool table and called it a day. it was a strange experience to say the least.

2. i am not a fan of facebook stalking. i just don't think you can know a lot about the real someone based on facebook. but recently i started doing another no-no via twitter digging. i know i know, shameful. and i really try not to do that either, but the other day my fingers took my eyes for a jog and the next thing i know i had accidentally favorited an older tweet. i'm going to go ahead and say that is God's punishment for social media stalking. so i didn't fight it, i didn't unfavorite it. i just got off twitter. so if you read this, i apologize for stalking you i guess. but you are pretty funny.

3. this morning i am working from my married friends house (where i slept) and we had no creamer for coffee so i used vanilla ice cream. there is no reason to tell you that other than the fact that its pretty good, and i had ice cream for breakfast.

4. fall weather makes me contemplative. i have been thinking way more things in the last week. or maybe i am just remembering my thoughts enough to write them down. either way its a beautiful thing and i am glad about it. 

5. i am truly excited to return to nashville tomorrow. i need to be a part of a community again. as much as i love living all over the place i think i need to settle for at least a month. 

those are all my thoughts this morning. happy monday everyone. mondays aren't so bad so cheer up and put some ice cream in your coffee!

Posted on September 15, 2014 .