Texas | Food

i have been struggling for weeks trying to figure out how to share all my photos from this summer. there are SO many. i decided to break it up with places and food. i mean come on, this trip!

Texas may be hot as you know where, but man do they know how to do food. and by do i mean cook it. i have been thinking about texas food since i left and i can honestly say that everywhere i went this summer texas wins the food part hands down. like hands to the ground down. it was so delicious and there wasn't one thing i ate that was just okay. i mean i even dreamed about breakfast tacos.

one of the first things we ate was donuts (duh.) i may have screamed when we pulled up round rock donuts because i had seen it on the food network. (i can't tell you how exciting that is because i am indeed and old lady and if i do watch tv its going to be about food.) i also had my first kolache experience there but i don't have a picture of that. who else has never heard of those?

texas is also where i first tasted chuy's! why i ask you, does texas get to have all the good places to eat. yes i know there is one here in Nashville but why didn't we think of it? if you have never been, come to me, i will take you. we will eat all the creamy jalapeno dip. my friend's Audrey and Jacob's little girl likes to eat it with her hands. sometimes i wish that was acceptable for young ladies like myself. its that good. i promise.  

one of the greatest things about Austin (i mean for me at least) are all the food trucks. they are everywhere and all good. on one of our adventure days we stopped at this cute little guy to get coffee. my love for eating things out of trailers grew from this day forward. this coffee was on point.

alright. my first breakfast taco. i almost can't even. eggs, potatoes, cheese and chorizo. i dream of this. i promise you, its one of the best things i've ever put in my pie hole.

so yea, food trucks. they are everywhere and i wish we could get a little of that up here in Nash. i was snapping pictures everywhere we walked/biked. there are so many! we ate at torchy's tacos and i got fried avocado because yolo and why not? it didn't disappoint! the last food truck we ate at was Gourdoughs donuts. no matter where i go in life, no matter how many donuts i eat, i will always think of that one. its like the one that got away, except i ate it. cream cheese, strawberries and whipped cream. oh and it was warm. i'm crying. it was a beautiful experience.  

look at it. would you just? its beautiful. a very big thank you to my great friend Melissa for taking me all over and giving me the best time every. also thank you austin, from the bottom of my stomach. thank you.

Posted on October 10, 2014 .