Lopez Family

i have known Brooke since we were wee little nerdy teens. the first time we "hung out" was to paint her bedroom bright blue. she was the first friend i made when we moved to virginia in high school. i have so many memories of growing (all the way) up with her. singing in church, laughing on youth trips, mission trips and getting over huge fences in skirts. we have laughed and cried together and i got to stand up in a pretty dress and watch her marry her high school sweet heart.

now we are old and she has probably the cutest little family known to man. that baby girl could melt rock and it was such a pleasure to shoot them all. there was a special part of this session that leaves me in tears. Brook and Dane are moving to florida for Danes job and Brookes mama was so sad she wasn't going to be around the baby while she is growing up. we did a special little tea party just for Sajah and baby. it truly is the sweetest thing.

thanks again Lobez family for letting me catch a little nugget of your life! love you all!


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Posted on September 25, 2014 .