a thousand words.

you know that saying a picture's worth a thousand words? points for anyone who can tell me who said that without looking it up. i was actually shocked when i found out who said it. its a good saying. and i think its a pretty accurate saying. part of the reason i love photography is the emotion behind pictures, if its a good photograph, its an emotion worth seeing.

a while back when i was making one of my stops in lynchburg, my friend Ryan ask if he could borrow Kevin (my camera) and practice some dramatic lighting for his photography class. he came over to my (okay okay, its jon and Nina's house, but its my lynchburg home now!) house and after giving some tips and explaining the window light we got started. i am never good in front of the camera, it normally turns out with me just making a fat face. but he did great with directing and we got some things that i think are pretty neat. and dramatic, because thats what we were trying for. here are my favorites of ryans.

Photo credit: Ryan Knuppel

Posted on October 1, 2014 .