October Goals | Whats happening

dearest friends.

the dog days of summer are officially over can you believe it? i sure can't because its still hot where i live. though the colors are changing and people are pulling out the boots, i can't help but miss my sweet virginia at this time of year. this summer was a trip i tell you what. full of travel and stretching all those things like patience and being calm under pressure. just when you think you have something down am i right?

anyway, i told you all a while ago that i wouldn't be blogging every day for a while and i will be honest, i have missed it a lot. thats why this month (october) i am going to try to jump back into the swing of blogging full time. its tricky because i don't live with internet access so it takes driving to the library or coffee shop to blog. but heck i am not complaining because any excuse to drink good coffee is a good excuse.

i am also so excited to share new parts of my life with you! you are not going to believe the adventure we are about to take on. i'm eight kinds of crazy but so incredibly excited about it. you are going to laugh, my sister will probably cry, but i promise it will be a chapter in the story we won't soon forget. and hey, there will probably be a valuable lesson learned along the way. 

so take it easy on me while i try to get myself back together this month, i have a lot to share about the summer, the places i went, and the food i ate. i also will tell you a little more about jumping into a life of trusting the Lord fully for the things he created you to do.

oh i am also planning on starting a book in november.

like i said, eight kinds of crazy. but stick with me here, because i know that its going to be good.

Posted on September 29, 2014 .