Thrifty Thursday

i don't think its any secret that i am not a girly girl. to put it into perspective for you, the other day i was on my way home from meeting some florists. i was wearing dressy clothes, (you know, because i am professional...) and on my drive home i saw a sign i had never seen before. it was a sign for a state park and without much thought i turned down the country road to investigate. to make a long story short, there are caves there and it took everything in me not to grab my headlamp and crawl in one, dress clothes and all. i am a tomboy and a cave is pretty much the ultimate adventure opportunity. what a let down.

so because this is the first thursday of the month, i thought i would let you in on a little problem i have. i am addicted to gray tshirts. its bad y'all. i didn't realize how many i had til last week. the worst part it i wear them constantly. a plus of working for yourself is that i am in fact allowed to wear whatever while i am sitting around editing. Stacey and Clinton would be so ashamed...

but we are all friends here right? so don't judge me too hard. maybe i'll get rid of two, ...or just one. or something.


Posted on October 2, 2014 .