Wedding | Anna & Alex | Virginia

Anna Irre married Alexander Harrison on a beautifully clear day August 8th 2014. the wedding was small and sweet, full of family and friends to start the new chapter of life. it took place at the lovely Rosemont Manor Berryville Virginia. this wedding wins the award for most tears shed for we are such a sappy family.

i know i'm not supposed to play favorites but if i was allowed to pick it would be this wedding because anna is my cousin. when we were all little our family reunions were such a highlight because we got to spend time with our cousins. playing laundry mat in the basement, making necklaces for our uncles, singing and spending the nights giggly. i love my entire family and i think we can all agree that anna has the special way of making people laugh hysterically but in the same moment be the most genuine and sweet human.

so the first time we got together with the family knowing we were going to meet anna's boyfriend, i had a pretty big judgement stick ready.

i remember talking to my mom after everyone left that day and being so excited, "mom i freaking love alex! he is so nice and he fits in so well with everyone!" we talked about how he was really funny and good with anna, and we might have talked about how he didn't seem freaked out about uncle jims gruffness. maybe. maybe we talked about that...

so this couple was very special to me. and we Irre's (and sargents) and now Harrisons are very sappy people. the tears never stopped, someone was always crying. there was so much laughter and the whole day left me with a watery happiness.

one more thing, its no secret that i kind of hate pink. but if you must have pink in your wedding make it look like this! the day was absolutely stunning. i couldn't have asked for anything better to work with. every detail was beautiful, even the pink ones.

that man, such a sweet blubbery mess. he kept me crying all day!

let me take a minute to comment on the fact my evangelist uncle steve looks like brittany spears.