Happy Birth-Month

if you're wondering what i want for my birthday here's a quick list.

  1. a watch that i don't have to glue back together every two weeks.
  2. this tshirt because Canada and camping hooray!
  3. these because my boots have a huge hole in the back/toe. its a little swampy here in smashville. and for some really odd reason i have always wanted a pair of these.
  4. this strap because i always wrap my camera strap around my wrist anyway.

buuut if you are poor like me i would like a high five or a cup of coffee. you know, i was reflecting on all the new people i met this year and even the ones i got to know a little better, there are some pretty neat people in this world. i have found that meeting new friends is one of my favorite hobbies. everyone comes with stories and since stories are my favorite i am pretty jazzed about this year already.

birthdays are so weird right? i get so uncomfortable at birthday parties but at the same time i want everyone there because i love people. its such a confusing time you know. let me be honest though, i am so excited to be 25. its like i've waited all my life to be this age. it seems so legit and old but young. i can't wait to tell people i'm 25. i'll probably sign it after my name or something weird like that. sorry pen pals... love abbey (age 25)

other than my birthday January is looking like it will be pretty great! i have my first wedding of the year, a couple engagement shoots, maybe some family sessions. i think it will be good. plus i get to make a trip to Virginia, lynchburg and also see a friend i haven't seen in SUCH a long time! i'm lookin at you Chels. its going to be so good to sit in the same room with part of my little artist family again. i can't wait!

i need it to snow so i can get a little winter adventuring in before that spring creeps up on us. i'm excited about this little January thing here.

22 days til my birthday. (wink)

Posted on January 1, 2015 .