Monday Thoughts


i don't know your life situation, but if you like your parents and you no longer live with them, you understand the feeling of waking up in their house and the pure joy that comes with it. even though mine drink crappy coffee and the water pressure in the shower is like someones just peeing on you, there really is just no place like home.

as you can see by the picture above, i'm looking fresh as a daisy this morn--- er, afternoon. what you don't see in this photo is the pile of used tissues that cover the floor on the left side of the bed. for some reason since i got here, my nose/head as been draining a lot. do you ever wonder where all of it comes from?! my head is not that big and even my little schnoz can't possibly hold that much junk.

today i am trying my best to get caught up on emails, plan locations and edit my session from this weekend which i'm just going to tell you, it will be my favorite for a long time. i love it when my friends get engaged. yay love! yay marriage! life is grand!

so many exciting things are happening guys, i can't wait to tell you about them and i am scrambling trying to firm up plans so i can! i think the next couple months are going to be a tad crazy but i guess by now you know that i love crazy and thrive on being busy. these are exciting times i tell you what.

last night while i was trying to sleep (and having no success because i can't breath...) i was lying face down on my pillow and trying to think of things to pray about. i always pray about my business and ask the Lord the bless it and help me meet more people that need encouraging. and last night i realized that in the last few weeks God has done exactly that! i've been booking like crazy and meeting all kinds of new faces and really, when i realized that God answered a specific prayer i prayed i just felt so loved and encouraged and i'm telling you, if anyone had been in the room with me i would have woken them up to slap a high five. 

i am thankful. God is good. and its only 10 days til my birthday.

Posted on January 12, 2015 .