Thoughts for Thursday

i love the morning. i love the quietness, i love being able to have a routine, i love sitting still and sipping my tea and staring out the window while i try to get my thoughts together. i honestly hate sleeping late because then, when you wake up, your right smack in the middle of an already full day and its loud and there's no time for quiet or thinking.

i have listed over and over again in my head the schedule for the next few months. i've been trying to squeeze other things in here and there and while i am so excited for all the adventures to come, right now, in this moment i am tired. and whether thats just the day i'm in or a preemptive exhaustion that comes with all this traveling, i do not know. either way, i am trying to get excited again.

i can't tell you how thoroughly disappointing it is to realize i drank all of my tea. or the fact that i can never spell thoroughly correctly on the first try.

seven days til my birthday. and thats all i want to tell you today.


Posted on January 15, 2015 .