It sure feels like a monday...

i've been rooting around my computer trying to find a photo to describe todays feeling. but i could find a picture of a huge pile of blankets with me under them on a couch with a heating pad and my hand creepily sticking out the side hunting for my tea.

so tired. and i think my face is swollen.

i was supposed to drive back to nashville today but things, err, happened and i am sitting on my favorite couch in america working on this weekends wedding instead. and can i just say man, what a wedding it was. i cried. a bunch. it was a killer on the old emotions.

this weekend was so great. i saw so many college friends, made some new ones, climbed a tree, laughed a lot, ate breakfast, so many great things! it was much needed and much enjoyed. now i'm eating leftover Japanese food and eying the pile of fortune cookies on the table in front of me.

i'm slapping a proverbial high five to Lynchburg. this place is the most welcoming.

man i need a nap.


Posted on January 19, 2015 .