Christmas Cards | My people

i have this group of people back in virginia. i didn't go to college with them, actually some of them i was in high school youth group with. you know, back when we were frizzy haired, zit faced twigs. (or chubbies.) when we weren't sure of who we were and we said awkward things and did even more awkward things. wait, that was just me? oh.

anyway, through the years and the visits i have come to love these bunch of weirdos. but knowing people since high school and still liking them is quite the feat and the fact they still like me is even cooler. they get together around christmas to make cards for the nursing home ministry and lucky for me, i was around this year. who doesn't love crafting and dumping glitter everywhere? going back through these pictures (with horrible light i'll just tell you...) made me miss them all. it made me think about the good old days and wish i lived a little closer to them. so you know, we could make more cards and stuff.

i love you guys and your hearts and your silly faces.

speaking of cards...19 days til my birthday...

Posted on January 3, 2015 .