Hanna | Maternity

yesterday i rolled out of bed, drank some coffee and headed out the door in my pajamas. i stopped by the donut shop and then drove the hour and twenty minutes to my sweet friends house to spend the day doing pedicures and having girl talk. my friend is a week late with her first baby and everyone keeps nagging her about having it already. news flash, its not like pooping duh.

anyway, we had such a good time giggling and doing her toes. i worked on the pressure points in her feet/ankles and we even went for a (cold) walk. we ate mexican food for lunch and looked through old photo albums. today my hands are tired but i am happy that i live close enough to be able to go down for visits like that. i thought today i would share sweet Hanna's maternity photos since she will be having little baby bean any time now!

i love the way these turned out!