Wednesday Sessions | Simon

i've heard a million times, "you can't meet people on the internet." there is danger there for sure, but in the business i'm in, that's where you meet most people...

Simon was no different. he emailed me about booking a session and after thorough stalking (hehe sorry buddy.) i determined he was a real person and even better, that he loved Jesus. after booking we assured each other neither of us were axe murderers and coffee in hand we (and also camera in hands were full...) we started a walk. while shooting we talked about all kinds of things, nashville, coffee, orphans, placements we are in the family line, (yay fourth kids!) where we went to college, and the list goes on.

after that chilly day i can assure you i'm keeping him as a friend, anyone who shares a love of donuts and crazy socks is someone you need in your life. Simon is the first official "new" friend i made in Nashville and he's neat, just like nature.

also can we talk about how fantastically winter ish these are. love that winter light so hard.