i legitimately have nothing important to say today. read if you're bored i guess. this morning, like most mornings, i'm wishing i owned a farm and had to go take care of my animals. some day it will be me and my chickens. i believe that so much.

this morning i tried to give myself a pedicure. i don't like feet, don't even like my own feet. for some weird reason this winter the bottoms of mine started peeling off. i know, how gross? well i don't know what to do with them, its the weirdest thing.

i'm on my second cup of coffee this morning.

i got my oil changed yesterday and put air in my tires. i hate truck maintenance because i know if i was near my brother or my dad it would be free (ish) and paying someone to do it is just the pits. 

so many people are having babies and getting married and getting girlfriends or boyfriends. what is this world even? speaking of which, first wedding of the season is happening so soon! am i ready for this? (plays eye of the tiger and does jumping jacks.) 

this winter weather. i am pushing myself to be thankful for it, but its hard man! i have hit those months where i start to look greenish from losing all of my tan. its a rough time to be a girl. i even dreamed the other night that i was riding my bike down the boardwalk. why did i move to a landlocked state again? the beach is definitely calling but for the life of me i can't find the phone...

when joe (age 3) sneezes his lips flap together and spray spit/snot everywhere. its disgusting and i want it on slow motion video.

i usually read out of two books of the Bible at a time. i was reading in Psalms and just finished Luke so i went to Romans as my other book. reading Psalms and Romans at the same time is like getting your head stroked and then getting back handed with the same hand. such a contrast, i figured out you have to read Romans, then Psalms otherwise fetal position.

does anyone else get sucked into youtube? i should never go there. i can waste two hours without even knowing it. its a little scary.

one of my goals this year is to photograph people who i find fascinating. and being brave enough to ask them. know anyone i should know about? once i met a guy in a gas station with the most symmetrical face i've ever seen. i told him that and he laughed. i should have asked him if i could take his picture and because i didn't i think i'll regret it forever. i don't even know what state that was in.

i guess thats all i have to say today.

13 days til my birthday.


Posted on January 6, 2015 .