Megan Waycaster | Bridal

i'll be honest. megan is a dream. maybe even the dream. 

whenever i shoot bridals i ask a couple questions about the dress, timeline, thing like that. then i round it all up with my favorite question of all, how adventurous are you? 

megan is stunning, funny, southern and sweet and her answer to my favorite questions was, "VERY" i miiiiiiight have clapped my hands like a child and squealed! adventurous brides are really just SO fun and i think laughter makes anything more fun! 

we started our session at Riverbed Nurseries where i got a little giddy with the lady behind the counter over weddings and all things girly. (she was almost as excited as i was!) the people at the nursery were SO kind to let us shoot there right before closing, i have gone back twice to buy plants because i like them so much! we had a great time shooting there and let me tell you, megan is a champ at walking on gravel in high heals. whew! 

next we piled in our cars and drove to a small field down a random road. (hence the adventurous question...) once we pulled off the road i dropped my tailgate and megan's mom and friends sat down while we drove to the back of the property to shoot. i couldn't help but get the giggles as we bounced along through the tractor ruts. no one even fell off! 

that field was magic let me tell you. aside from one (VERY) large spider crawling up megans dress, (if felt like i was hitting a bird when i smacked it off...) the rest of the shoot went amazing. 

i'm so thankful for days like this one, for beautiful, fun brides, and for adventurous spirits that don't mind going for rides in the backs of trucks...thanks mom! 

Posted on November 19, 2015 and filed under wedding photography.