A Camping We Will Go...

this summer colleen and i packed up and headed to the mountains. colleen is a friend i can run to when i need to be refreshed, recharged, uplifted and giggle my head off. she is my friend that is okay with getting a little dirty, the sound of crickets, and will crawl into a sleeping bag next to me and talk about Jesus til we fall asleep. she is also one heck of a camp cook. (praise hands.)

we got a little lost on the way to our campsite but after making friends with the man running the gas station, we backed my truck down by a creek and started making a fire. we talked about all the things we were excited for, we giggled about sleeping outside, and we caught up on all the things that happened since we saw each other last. colleen brings a peace with her everywhere she goes and it wasn't til i was experiencing that peace that i knew how much i'd missed it. 

we ate too much delicious food, stomped around the creek, spend hours reading in the hammock, went for walks, explored the blue ridge, snapped photos on cheep film cameras, made fun shirts (thanks colleen!) and just in general had the most wonderful time! 

now i'm looking through all these photos and wishing we could go camp right now. is there anything more fun in life? wow i think i can actually hear the mountains calling! (I miss you colleen!)

Posted on November 23, 2015 .