On the road again

i am mentally unprepared for the trip happening this week. it could have something to do with having three session in three days and the fact i haven't made a list or packed or done anything to prepare. i am quite the prep-er and having done none of that i've feeling out of sorts and nervous. blaa. maybe tomorrow?

i'm excited to go. excited for new roadtrips/places and being able to see family and old college friends and most just being able to be an artist for a few weeks. have i talked about what i'm doing? i'm not sure, so if i haven't here are the highlights.

  1. new jersey party for the coolest 80 year old nanas out there. (mine!)
  2. upstate new york to visit friends and sit in a house and paint for days.
  3. maternity sessions.
  4. Noel freaking Garcia.
  5. maybe ohio on the back swing.

i desperately need to be refreshed and exercise my creative muscles. i'm getting a little teary eyed thinking about it. i'm so thankful to have friends who offer up their couch/home and let me plant myself for times like these.

i'm so excited to see my parents. my dad turned 55 a few days ago and while i could write a book about how great he is, i'll spare you the hysterical sobbing and just tell you that my dad is a wonderful dad and i always feel safe when i'm with him. he encourages me like no one else and watching him learn and grow as a christian (still) at 55 is the best thing i will ever know about him. also i love him so much and i am so very proud to be his daughter.

there i only got a little sobb-y.

so this week i will drive from Tennessee to Virginia, from Virginia to New Jersey, from New Jersey to New York, then later from New York to Ohio, from Ohio to Tennessee. poor little Wilber is stressed out already. 

also happy black history month. here is a quote from one of my favorites:

live your life outside the box, because when you die, you’re going into one.
— Tyler Perry

hashtag: lets go somewhere. proverbial thumbs up kids.

Posted on February 1, 2015 .