Welcome to New York.


when you hear good old Taylor sing it, this is not quite what you picture right? but oh this snow is so pretty to me! when we were out walking today taking photos, a man stopped us with a weird look and asked what we were doing. Heather explained that i am from the south and thats why i had a stupid grin on my face...

okay she didn't say that last part...

but its lovely isn't it? i mean, if you don't live here i guess that its much more pretty. everyone seems pretty sick of the (beautiful) snow. poor people, they don't know what they're missing.

my trip from tennessee up to virginia was uneventful. (i mean except for the part about locking my keys in my truck...) and then the trip to new jersey was just splendid. i stopped and got a manicure because female and then arrived at my sweet aunty's house for a good nights sleep and hilarious chat. i love my aunts and uncles and staying over i get to have the most fun late night talks. the next day we all woke up, i photographed my cousin Alexis on the most beautifully lit beach and then we headed to party with our nana.

and nana is 80 and looks awesome and its probably the sweetest/funniest 80 year old there is. just sayin.

the next day i stopped for some delicious coffee (more on that later!) and drove the rest of the way to new york.

my two (married) friends from freshmen year of college live up here and every time i visit heather and andy its the dead of winter and i always say i'm not coming back in winter...which i never do. its always winter when i come. i am a liar. but i will tell you that i never laugh like i do when i'm up here in this cozy house. and i will tell you that i enjoy all the dairy products that upstate new york has to offer. and i will also tell you that it is so refreshing to fall asleep to a crackling fire and wake up when the light peeks through the shades. and i will tell you that there is really nothing like it up here and also if you ever happen to visit bring every sweater you own.

and with that i will get back to my work. i hope you are enjoying your week as much as i'm enjoying mine. happy winter y'all.

Posted on February 10, 2015 .