Whatever Wednesday

you know i am so behind on blogging these lovely winter sessions i figured i'm sort of on vacation (hah!) so i would do whatever the heck i want this week. and that just happens to be showing you the snow and telling all sorts of nonsense you didn't need to know about life. alrighty?

snow is really not so bad. actually i am sort of loving it up here. last night we put on all the clothes and headed out to watch the boys play pond hockey. they didn't such at all! it was really fun to sit in beanbag chairs and cheer with muffled claps by our mitten covered hands. only my feet got cold!

sitting and painting each morning has been one of the best things about my time here. it feels so good to stretch my creative muscles and try new things and remember old ones. i'm reminded how much patience painting with oils takes.

we were sitting eating lunch today and talking about how its fun to see old friends because sometimes as we grow, we change. and its fun to be reminded of who you were when you knew each other. i thought that was interesting to think about and so true. i was my absolute weirdest when i met heather and andy. and i think deep inside i'm still that person and so its fun to watch it come out and be free. and that also makes me sound like a have two personalities but whatever...

the little i know by dave barnes is my literal jam right now. literally. its jam. it makes me love the spot i'm in and at the same time be excited to stand on the beach in a few weeks.

speaking of the next few weeks. i'm trying to figure out how i can get down to mississippi for a week to rebuild homes with friends. so if you're the praying sort, please pray with me that God will provide if he is okay with me going. because work pants and believers and helping and encouragement is everything i love minus donuts.

i ran out of stamps almost.

and really thats all i felt like telling you today. that and there is a while store up here dedicated to socks and thats pretty amazing if you ask me. happy wednesday buddies.

Posted on February 11, 2015 .