Wednesday Sessions | Kelce & Austin Engagement

i have a few friendships that just happened along the way and i am not sure when they started or how they started but i am forever grateful that they did. Kelce has been one of my dearest friends for years. we have laughed so much, had many sleepovers, so many giggles, so many tears and so, so much sisterhood. i get a little teary thinking about her getting married because it feels just the same as my own sister's wedding. its always wonderful to see how the Lord brings two people together but this has been so extra special because when we were young and had all our pillow talks about relationships i don't know if either of us every guessed the way God would work it all out. and isn't that such a comfort that he did? he works it out for the best! not the eh, its okay. its always the best. he wants the best for his children and if we trust, that's what he will do.


okay now that i'm finished preaching let me just tell you these two gems are so much fun to photograph! it was an absolute privilege to be a part of these special moments and once we got Kelce's giggles out it went even better! the lighting was perfect, the weather wasn't too cold. i'm telling you winter has been such a pal this year. what do you think?