Well...that was exciting.

is that my dog you ask? is that my truck in my parents driveway? why yes, yes it it. want to hear something funny? i'm never driving near snow again.

so that is probably a lie. i can't help myself sometimes and winter, though sucky, is such a pretty place and i know for a fact that saying i'm never going to new york in the winter again is not the truth. i've said that a lot. and i pretty much always visit during winter.

so let me tell you about friday in list form.

  1. only day not calling for snow.
  2. on my way to ohio.
  3. wind blown snow covering the road.
  4. fish tailing like its my job.
  5. frozen windshield wiper fluid.
  6. lost wallet.
  7. hour and a half drive to find my wallet.
  8. forget this crap i'm driving south.
  9. friends in Pennsylvania.
  10. good pizza.
  11. sleep.

what an adventure that was. thankfully i only cried once when i sliding around on the highway and feeling a tad panicked. and praise the Lord almighty for honest people finding my wallet. and actually praise the Lord again for keeping me safe through all of that snowy mess. western new york us a yucky place.

so yes, i am at mom and dad's and i don't plan on leaving til i finish these last couple shoots and the roads are completely dry. til then i am snuggled underneath quilts making occasional trips to the living room to warm my backside by the fire place. also i'm never leaving...just kidding...

lets all go to Florida now.

Posted on February 22, 2015 .