Coffee List | Lamplighter

i'm sure if you read buzzfeed (or are living) you have heard of the coffee list for america. there are 24 coffee places around the usa in all sorts of places, some of which you have heard of, others you probably never would have had you not lived in that area your whole life.

i know that i will never get to go to all of these but i decided to write them down in my brain book and make an effort to get to them when i'm anywhere close. i already missed two by accident...oh well, i'll have to go back to new york then. 

i am also writing my own list because there are a couple that didn't make it that i love and should get some air time. we will see how this goes, and really, its just an excuse to take pictures of my beautiful coffee.

Kelce and i started with Lamplighter Coffee Roasting Co in richmond va. its number four on the list and i recently found out that one of my favorite photographers did the redesign for it. i love that bike. Kelce and i both got a mocha because thats just what we do. it was one of the best i've ever had from lamplighter and i would highly recommend a swing by.

Posted on February 27, 2015 .