Keep the Magic | Thankfulness Thursday

whether its upstate new york, or frozen nashville tennessee, i think its safe to say everyone is a little bit tired of snow. i know this to be true because social media is one big complaining fest and everyone is grouching about everything they can't do because of it. and i'll join you in saying that i am ready for warm weather and being tan and riding my bike and driving with my windows down. and if we're really honest i'm ready to get some freckles and not wear makeup for a few months.

but remember how in the summer there are just as many complaints about the weather? like sweating to death? or frizzy hair from humidity? or the fact you have to shave your legs every day? oh thats just me? whoops.

and so you see. there is always something to complain about. and that's great because you know what? that means there is always something to be thankful for! its a choice. its always a choice. lets Pollyanna it up these last few months of winter! play the glad game! here is my list of things i'm thankful for this fine snowy thursday.

  1. the snow is really really pretty.
  2. i'm safe at my parents house and not stranded in western new york. praise hands.
  3. new lenses. hashtag boom.
  4. good bible time in a chair, in front of a roaring fire, in overalls, inside a house.
  5. that roaring fire.
  6. travel coming up.
  7. the bright pink i had my nails painted in preparation for spring.
  8. baseball season is starting soon.
  9. the mets finally have a good looking pitching staff.
  10. the burnt cup of coffee i'm drinking and that soon i will be drinking coffee in seattle.
  11. friends that live in florida and are welcoming us to the beach in just a few short weeks.
  12. friends who take me in at the drop of a hat when i'm driving south to get away from horrible weather.
  13. my idiot dog who flails through the snow like the big loveable dummy i miss having with me all the time.
  14. all this snow time to finish sessions and get them sent off.
  15. the never ending work flow from the Lord almighty praise him amen.
  16. encouraging people all around the world talking to me and giving me proverbial high fives.
  17. the fact that this list was so easy to write down and the fact that i could probably make it all the way to 100 without even blinking.
  18. the weddings coming up and the stinking party i will have shooting them.
  19. college baseball games in the near future.
  20. having free time to go watch sweet friends graduate.
  21. my silly mom and dad and getting home just in time to caulk all the baseboards and listen to my dad sing and paint. typing that made me cry.
  22. the never ending community that seems to find me no matter what.
  23. my sweet baby nephews i get to hug SO soon. i have missed them more than i thought i would.
  24. family.
  25. a God who is present. who directs, leads, gives grace and always provides and comforts. hallelujah what a savior. 

i wholeheartedly advise you to go out in the snow in your pajamas first thing when you wake up. it keeps it magical like when we were little children. yay snow! yay thankfulness!

Posted on February 26, 2015 .