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there's just something about a good climbing tree. the tomboy in me is always on the lookout for one. i've climbed trees in dresses, fallen out of trees and repelled from them higher than i should have climbed. i love climbing trees, i probably always will. i used to think i would reach an age where i would lose interest or stop getting the irresistible urge to climb on things but so far i haven't and i am 100% okay with that. 

a while back when i was in lynchburg two of my best guy friends and i met up for breakfast. we laughed and made fun of each other and had the best time. after breakfast ryan and i headed out looking for a little adventure. both of us in dress clothes, both of us not caring a snit.

we went on a little hike and ended up at a graveyard where one of the very best climbing trees is. we climbed and climbed passing my camera back and fourth as we took turns climbing higher. the weather was perfect. the air smelled sweet and of spring. i sort of miss that tree right now and i think its time to go find it again.

s/o to ryan who snapped all those pretty photos of me! thanks pal!

Posted on March 3, 2015 .