Honest Wednesday.

i had grand plans of posting a wedding today, but i'm just going to tell you about life instead and maybe post it later today.

i woke up at four yesterday morning to get on the road so that when i got to virginia i would have time to work and get some things blogged. i had great plans to go straight to my favorite coffee shop, plant myself and knock a few things off my overwhelming to do list. but do you know what? sometimes, as ridiculous as it sounds, I think God orchestrates a few happenings to throw all my plans off and give me something i need much more than time to work.

i locked my keys in my truck when i went inside to get coffee.

i only ever do that when i'm talking on the phone. i called my friend to come get me and while i was waiting i climbed in the back (praise the Lord that was unlocked!) and got snuggled up in my camping stuff. i sat there and realize for the first time in a while i could just sit and have a moment of peace! it was so quiet and all i had to do was wait. it felt so good to rest.

after searching for my spare key we finally got it unlocked and i went to Colleen's house. i can't even tell you how refreshing it is to talk to my sweet friend. i always feel like the Lord is teaching her the same things he is teaching me and its about jump up and down encouraging to be with someone who understands that deeply. we talked so much and when i finally left her house my spirit was just so lifted, i wanted to cry but i couldn't.

next i found myself sitting in one of my best friend's kitchen, feeding her baby while she made brownies and talking about life. well actually talking about dating and guys and all my fears and horrible stories and she told me about dating her husband and it was honestly the most truly girl talk-ish talk we have ever had. and then we all sat around and talked and laughed about silly things and we tried to get our phones to say things and it was all very ridiculous but it added to my refreshing.

and then when it was time for bed i fell asleep on my favorite couch in the nation within about ten seconds of laying my head down. and this morning i know i am a little behind but i know i will get caught up too. and i know that sometimes God wants to give us rest in unexpected ways because we (i) really need it and he wants to remind us (me) that he is still in charge and maybe i should ask him for a help more than i do.

and so thats that kids. maybe i get to post that wedding today, or maybe the Lord will take over this day again. either way, i'll find things to be thankful for.

Posted on February 4, 2015 .