Sunday Happy List

its a soggy sunday over here in nashville. here is a list of things that make me happy.

  1. nephews. hugs and snuggles and requests for help blowing their noses. i missed these babies.
  2. baseball hats and the fact its almost baseball season.
  3. my new lens. everything is beautiful and new and exciting.
  4. seattle in a few days.
  5. nicely painted nails. (why?! why have i become such a girl!?)
  6. new socks.
  7. letters in the mail.
  8. good books.
  9. cleaning out my closet. (allll the time.)
  10. good messages (online haha) that i need to hear and great pastors that preach them.
  11. time to rest.
  12. time to drink good coffee.
  13. good coffee. praise hands.
  14. gray tshirts. lets be honest.
  15. crocks? too much honesty?
  16. making lists.
  17. high fives from strangers.
  18. hugs from waitresses. yes.
  19. baby brother time even if its too short and he kicks me.
  20. detours from my plans that land me at ma and pas for a while.

thats it for this lovely sunday! what makes you happy? also this makes me waaaay happy...

Posted on March 1, 2015 .