Travel Tips for Flying

i took my first flight when i was fifteen. which was ten years ago (AH?!?) and have been flying hither and yon ever since. so i'll be the first to tell you, its not always roses and daisies. sometimes you are the middle seat. sometimes there is a crying baby. sometimes weird smells. sometimes delays and cancellations. whatever the case, i thought i would share my favorite tips for taking flights, wherever they may be.

  1. dress comfy.
    • duh. i mean who would dress in not comfy clothes to fly. you would be surprised though. keep you shoes flat and easy on and off, wear layers because airports and planes tend to be either freezing or hot as you know where. don't wear stiff jeans. that bothers me most because all you do is sit on your poor hiney. keep it comfy.
  2. pack your carry on well.
    • whenever i fly (and i'm not taking my camera bag...) i take that little divider out of it and put it in my purse. it fits well and adds more compartments so i can keep it super organized. i also like to travel with my tooth brush in my carry on because you know, delays and cancellations. its nice to be able to brush your sweaters. i also put in snacks, and things to do like books, work: ie my hard drive cables etc or maybe letter writing stuff.
  3. download the app.
    • if you have a layover, download the app for your airline. you can always delete it after you trip and it really saves time looking up your gate on your phone. these past trip involved a lot of running for me and i was so thankful i already knew my gate when i hit the ground.
  4. keep a good attitude no matter what.
    • airlines, flight attendants and pretty much everyone else is much more likely to help a nice person than a mean/whiny person. that is a fact, you can ask them. be polite and courteous and you will get to where you're going...eventually.
Posted on March 10, 2015 .