Travel Well | Washington State

hello yes, i would like to speak to someone who will take me back to Washington please and thank you.

if that were a real conversation i could have i wouldn't be blogging right now. also i feel i should give you all a heads up that there will be many, many pictures of mountains in this post. like much too much many. i just stopped writting for a while fifteen minutes so i could find my beer berries. no one panic, there is no beer in them. its just chocolate covered wheat. which doesn't sound pleasant at all but i promise it is. so now that thats done, let me tell you about washington.

i have a friend who is pregnant. shocking right? (kidding) and we had been trying super hard to find a time i could get out there to photograph her. i had a concelation last month and i knew right away that this weekend was going to be now or never. so after an impending ice storm forced me to fly to California the night before, i finally made it to seattle on thursday. i love the west, i love the mountains and the trees and all the coffee (praise hands.) and food and yes everything. but i keep trying to pick a favorite part and i just can't. one of the best things about this trip was meeting one of my pen pals! she was the sweetest and oh man oh man i was just really geeking out. plus her mom was so so nice and after we left them i talked about it all day. ah. but i'm going to tell you all about that later this week.

part one of the most epic maternity shoot in the history on mankind (okay maybe just my life...) happened on mount rainier. i can't tell you all the emotions raging inside me while we were up there. i wanted to laugh and sob all at once. i will never get over the beauty of that place. God is just amazing to me and to look at how hug rainier is and know that he can hold that mountain on the very tip of his finger...what an amazing perspective.


let me pause this post to just say that the sandwich i had from pike place was one of the best i've ever eaten. and thats saying something because i consume a lot of sandwiches a lot of the time. continue...

shout out to dutch brothers for being so delicious and so very very nice and friendly!

oh you know, just throwing a snowball at mount rainier...happiest day of my life.

i don't know of a more adventure filled, beautiful place. i always leave being excited to come back.