Beloved Blue Bird | Lady Date

one of the most special moments this past trip was the day i was able to meet one of my pen pals. Rachelle lives in washington with her family and we connected through the blog world. i love reading her posts and seeing her photos from adventures with her brothers. she was part of my summer land project last summer and it was so special for me to host her over here at abbey deerest. this past christmas she sent me a christmas card and since i'm a big fan of letter writing i asked if we could be pen pals. she said yes and we've been swapping letters ever since. Rachelle is the very sweetest and her letters are always pretty and well written...which is quite the contrast to my sloppy, rambling, silly fests i call notes. when i knew i would be coming out to the west coast we made it a point to have a lady date and meet each other in year life.

i think i might have squealed when i turned around and she was standing there in the coffee shop! she is taller than you might think and exactly the same amount of cute in person. we ordered coffee and sat down and i launched into the longest amount of yammering i've ever done. Rachelle's mom was also so sweet and fun to talk to and i just kept thinking about how cool it is that the Lord can connect people so fast. it was just so fun to be there with them and to know them in real life.

my favorite thing though, happened in a text before we met up. Rachelle said, "i don't drive yet so my mom is coming (not because she thinks you're an ax murderer or anything...) you cannot even imagine how loud i laughed.

and now i'm sitting here today wishing we lived closer and thankful for the time we got to spend together. more next time i suppose! check out her blog here if you haven't already!

Posted on March 13, 2015 .