Travel Well | Oregon

you know so many people have told me that i should visit Oregon...i really had no idea how much i should. its beautiful. all the parts. so many adventures, i could spend a whole summer exploring the there.

i'm both ashamed and proud to tell you that when we visited the buzzfeed donut place in portland, it was so good that we drove the two hours back to get it again before i left. i'm so serious you guys...its worst it. its so worth is that i smashed three of them deep in my carry on to take them home to my sister. right now my mouth is watering thinking about it. gah. okay. Blue star donuts i love you forever and i need you in my life. okay i'm done.

for our day out in portland we grabbed lunch at a place called zeus cafe. i was so incredibly excited because they had a no hormones in their beef and that never happens and so i got to eat a hamburger in a public place. it really doesn't take much to make my day...

we walked around portland, toured a book store and ended up with Oprahs favorite chocolate. (which i brought home and i am still snacking on whoops.) we even found the sign to keep it weird. i liked portland! its a nice city, if for nothing else their coffee and their donuts...

my gosh why is Oregon so green?! washington always looks blue-ish to me but everywhere we went in this state i was amazed by how green everything is. you know i'm a big fan of nature so getting to see all these awesome places was a dream.

monmouth falls is probably one of the most instagramed things from Oregon and when we pulled up to it i had a little moment. its huge. its way taller than i thought it would be and really, you could just stand there forever and stare up at it.

right down the road from the waterfall is oneonta gorge and during the summer (when its not freezing...) you can walk all the way down through the gorge and there's a waterfall at the back. we climbed over a bunch of dead wood (and deer!) and sat at the mouth of it. Noelle was crazy and actually got in the water. (baby boy your mother is a champ and also nuts! be proud of her!) that was such a neat experience and you know how i love to climb things! i also got in a great hair whip...

i just want to lay in that grass all day and smell that fresh air.

on our last day ( and last day of shooting ahh!!) we ventured to cannon beach. i can't tell you how long i've been dreaming of going there and to see it in person was just too much. its just the most epic meeting of land and sea (to borrow uncle tom's words!) we even met some new friends (strangers) at the beach and i snapped their pictures. shout out to Laurens hair because its the real mvp. they were so nice and they are from austin which i love so now i love them!

Noelle figured out how many hours we had spent in the car while i was out there and i don't remember what it was but i know it was a lot. it didn't matter though because great conversation mixed with the greatest view out your window makes for the greatest road trips.

oh oregon, you are just the neatest and i can't wait to visit you again. for now i'll be dreaming of your donuts.