Farewell Winter.

i believe this face i am making was me saying "holy moly its cold out here." today, being back in nashville where everyone is saying its so cold, i have to laugh because its probably over 60 degrees warmer here than it is in upstate new york. i am wearing a long sleeve shirt and a vest. this is party weather.

my sister said i jinxed myself but yesterday i put away my winter clothes. my nails are painted bright pink and i've been looking up recipes for homemade tanning oil. i'm ready for spring. i'm ready for warm weather and i am willing it to come now.

this week i am heading to seattle for a grand adventure with my sweet friend Noelle. we are going to be taking her maternity pictures and let me tell you, i am just way past excited to be there and have a creative job to do. my word i love the west. and my friend is such a beautiful expecting mama i think i will just die of photographers happiness.

also the weather while i'm there looks like high fifties and mostly sunny. whoever said it rains all the time is lying to me...

while the weather warms and i finish posting these sessions from winter, i am actually sad to leave the beautiful winter light behind. that light was so good to me this season and i think it helped me be thankful in the cold. some of my favorite work happened in these last couple months and its high fives to the sun for being distant. and so i'm thankful for all that...but bring on the flowers and the shorts.

ah but i guess winter is still pretty. wow i'm confusing.

Posted on March 2, 2015 .