Jane & Jeremy Come to Nashville.

what do you know but schedule i try so hard to keep got rearranged right under me and i ended up being in town when my sweet friend Jane was coming for a visit. it worked out so great too because i got to meet her boyfriend (now fiance!) in person and we might have talked here and there on the phone for a while so that was neat to have a little secret the whole time!

we decided we would tour nashville on the city bikes because they are cheep and riding bikes is always fun. we literally rode around most of the city and even ended up on the foot bridge, which i will gladly tell you i walked up. those bikes are heavy man. and we had such a lovely day eating hot chicken and singing on capital hill and instagramming the snot out of this sweet city i (and they soon!!) call home. and so i guess just this once i'm glad the schedule got tossed. because it ended up being a refresher i needed.

you guys. i like ya a whole lot. many adventures to come i think. also congratulations and i can't wait til your wedding.