Mondays thoughts, on a tuesday.

i think sometimes as bloggers and instagrammers our lives seem to be a little more glamorous than they really are. and i don't think we are really trying to make it look that way but its pretty much just the highlight reel from every day life and when someone else is comparing it to what they do every day, it comes across as something amazing when maybe its not. 

don't get me wrong, i love my life! i love what i get to do for a living and i think that sometimes it is unreal that i get to travel all over and explore and take pretty pictures of people and dance my socks off at weddings on the weekends. and i would tell you i'm very blessed to be able to do it. but sometimes there are things that don't quite make it to the internet such as taking a week to paint a house so i can buy another camera for my business. sometimes that means dropping my phone in a bucket of paint. or sitting here at my sisters kitchen table in sweatpants, and hoody, tube socks and crocs. or maybe even throwing up from being over tired and then still having to drive all the way back to nashville. sometimes it means getting the oil changed, or cleaning out my truck. sometimes its just stuff that isn't internet pretty and i can't instagram it because lets be honest, you don't want to see the huge scrape on my shin. but all those things make up my life. my real life that is both cool and sometimes lame all at once. 

friends. everyone has good stuff in their lives and everyone has times where they sit at home in sweatpants. but you know the great thing about sweatpants is that you can climb on a chair to get the shot more easily. i want to encourage you to find the beauty in the every day even when you feel like there is none. even when you're wearing crocs. (i make no apologies.) 

also i am always wearing the wrong shoes for tree climbing right. happy tuesday.

Posted on March 24, 2015 .