A Month of Travels

i know, i'm blogging twice in one day. what is that about? and its not even about basketball... but here's the thing. this month. this crazy stinking month is going to be oh so fun but it might be the death of me. remember that puzzle i was talking about? well add blogging on top of that and i have myself one horribly messy planner. i asked my sister to get me some white out today. its just so hideous with all its scribbles. i truly don't know how i'm going to show you everything...hold on to your cupcakes.

man i want some potato chips right now.

so this month (starting thursday) i will be traveling to seattle, portland, (nashville duh) asheville, and tampa. insert deep breathing. i'm so pumped to share these experiences with you, maybe some tips, some glorious sights (including food and coffee!) places to visit if you happen to be swinging through, and of course what the Lord happens to teach me along the way.

i can't think of a better way to spend a month than on the go. i hope you will follow along and forgive me when my letter writing gets spastic and my instagram blows up your feed. (shameless plug to follow me if you don't already...) please be kind as i try to actually schedule blogging again and know that i will catch up on all your blogs eventually. (maybe in sunny florida wut.)

while i'm super excited about all the places to see this month, i am actually much more excited about the people who live in those places. these people make up my biggest community and getting to be with them, no matter how short a time, has me all like, awkward dance.

lets all try to drink more water, encourage more people, love Jesus better, dance and actually brush our hair. oh that last one is just for me...

happy march 3rd. because its no fun to start things on the beginning of the month like everyone else. or maybe i'm just late. you decide. here we go.

Posted on March 3, 2015 .