Eat Me, Drink Me | Amy's & 25-30 Espresso

fredericksburg virginia just happens to have a very special place in my heart. its where teenage abbey grew up and turned into the please (strange) gal we all know and love. (you love me right?) we moved there when i was 14 and i only left because dad made me go to college.

downtown fbx is quite the spot. its jammed with cute bookstores, antique shops, all kinds a food and even a couple coffee place. i love walking those streets in the spring or fall, sipping an iced coffee and window shopping. its sort of a perfect town.

this last time i was there (unintentionally) kelce and i decided to try a cafe called Amy's we have been eye for years. you know i'm all about that sandwich i think cafe is french for sandwich or something so we went. 

it was really good. i actually ended up getting a turkey wrap (which i ate all of) and potato salad (amen and amen) and even managed to eat some of kelce's fries. it was really great and other then being told we were picky by the waitress (2.2 stars for service.) i really enjoyed it! but it was a sandwich, how could i not?

after walking around town and going in the worlds cutest bookstore, we ended with mochas at 25-30 espresso. let me give them the loudest shout out for being the nicest, most pleasant, best coffee makers in that city. if you are every around, you should swing by. and talk to them about the name (hint: its coordinates!) they are all super friendly and cool and have a great story. plus that coffee is on point. kelce and i know because we have had mochas from every coffee place in f-burg.

please enjoy too many pictures of our silly selves.

^^yay ice! also these two pictures together are really funny...

Posted on March 6, 2015 .