Top Five

hello from a very sunny and warm tampa florida! i ate ice cream the other day and i didn't regret it at all! a funny thing happens to me when i get in the sun! i have a very dark freckle that appears on the side of my nose every year and for the next few weeks i can see it and its incredible distracting. if you happen to run in to me i'm might be cross eyed or trying to swat the bug off my face.

for some reason as i get older i have started ranking and grouping things in my head. i like to say something is in my top five something like, all the time. its annoying to me but i keep saying it. i have tons of these little top fives and they are all oddly specific. and sometimes i forget them and have to start all over. it is for that reason i thought i should start writing them down and sharing these little lists with you! they are every changing and getting new additions as i experience more life but today, the 30th of march (happy birthday randall.) this is where my top five ice creams sit.

  1. the chocolate gelato i had in italy at age 17.
  2. the chocolate i had at that one place in st michaels with my grandparents.
  3. any ben & jerrys while sobbing over you've got mail with kim.
  4. blue bell mint cookie something or other. anywhere. anytime.
  5. vanilla from a dairy farm field trip in middle school.

you know mint chocolate chip is actually my favorite ice cream so i don't know why that isn't on the list. i also have a top five list for things i hate about ice you want to read it? of course you do.

  1. i'm allergic to a hormone they give cows and thus ice cream gives me a migraine in my stomach.
  2. when the wind blows my hair into my mouth/ice cream cone while i eat it outside.
  3. ice cream that is so hard my weak little arms can't scoop it. such an unjust experience.
  4. ice cream headaches.
  5. picking out a flavor and feeling like you're missing out on so many other ones because two scoops is never worth the pain.

so there you go. the first of many of my top fives. i know its ridiculous. this is just how my brain works now. do you have a favorite flavor you think i should try?

Posted on March 30, 2015 .