Life Lately

its nine thirty at night and i finally have all my files uploaded and i'm tucked away at home in nashville. i'm tired, i think i'm smelly, but i'm so glad to be home for a few days.

this weekend was crazy. thats not very descriptive but honestly thats the best way to describe it. i did a two part maternity session in Washington and Oregon and i can tell you without blinking, its the coolest thing i've ever done. i'm so excited to share these with you!

while all the crazy was going on i felt constantly reminded of the blessings that seem to be pouring out on me this year. the Lord has really taken over and is showing up huge for my business and its really cool for me to put my trust in him and see him come through for me. i'm so thankful for the opportunities i get and the places i get to see. its really quite something.

when i got home today i was so tired and feeling like i wanted to be cranky from a full day of flying. but the minute i walked in the door my 5 year-old nephew asked if i would read him a book, and then we snuggled on the couch, and then all three of them sat with me and we looked through pictures on my phone of the trip and the air planes and we chatted about things and i eventually sat on the floor with them as they watched me "do surgery" (sew the holes) in a few of their stuffed animals. and i know that was quite the run on sentence but all that to say its good to be home with those little hooligans and the whole time i was away i kept thinking about how much they would enjoy that trip.

and so thats a very rambling blog to tell you that i'm doing well albeit tired. and tomorrow i'm going to drive down to the country and get my bike out of my uncles basement and this week i'm going to try and catch up on work. and i hope you are feeling the presence of Jesus this lovely (rainy) monday night. and i hope you will remember to rejoice in him always. and don't tell anyway but i have been wearing my crocks since i got home.

goodnight kids.

Posted on March 9, 2015 .