Lets Play Catch Up

raise your hand if you're a little behind on all the things. i'm laying on my back with all four in the air like a dead armadillo. hands and feet raised because i am so much behind i gave up bowling tonight. and now that i wrote that i realize i haven't been bowling since high school which was in fact, close to 8 years ago. moment of silence for my youth.

gosh i've been the worst blogger this month. i had so many good intentions of stuff to write and tell you, but with all this traveling and work i'm getting so abundantly blessed with these days, blogging is falling to the bottom of the list. so i'm sorry for that.

i'm honestly a bit overwhelmed with stuff right now and my poor pen pals are getting some spastic letters exploding with nothing. and if they are writing me back i don't know because i haven't been home to tennessee in about a month now. i'm not complaining about that, work is great and i've been enjoying seeing so many old friends. (and new ones yay!) but this morning when i woke up all i did was lay there staring at the ceiling and asking God to help me get out of bed and get stuff done because my motivation is like my tan...which is to say, gone.

and some things are confusing me right now. like how much to share on the internet, or truth in church types and even a few new buttons i've discovered on my camera. and its all meshing into one big blob i can't sort out just yet. oh and also its raining so all i want to do is curl up in my moms chair and read my new book. (Jesus in the Gospels. hooray free books!) but i have a ton of beautiful images that call to be edited and sent out and so i'm sitting on a bed typing a blog...i know. nothing is making sense.

really the point of this blog is to tell you i've found a ton of photos from the last few months that i need to show you so here are a bunch of unrelated pictures that i love. this will (hopefully) happen all week.  

ask me how much i love my brother...ask me.

Posted on April 14, 2015 .