Buzzfeed List | Safehouse Coffee Roasters

my favorite coffee shop near my parents is also the favorite coffee shop of a bunch of young Indian men. they are here every time i'm here and they sit on the patio and drink tiny coffees and smoke cigarettes. each time i see them i always wonder if their cigarettes make the coffee taste nasty. because i can't imagine it making it taste good.

speaking of coffee! i am killing these buzzfeed lists! i've crossed off eleven so far and though i know there is no way i'm going to get to Hawaii this year, its really fun to try and get to all these places in my travels. on a recent trip to florida we drove (only a little) out of the way so we could try the coffee shop in griffin georgia. which apparently is very close to where one of my favorite wedding mamas lives and i'm real sad i was so close and didn't know!

georgia is a funny place. i didn't expect to find this kind of quality coffee in the middle of nowhere. honest to goodness, its right next to a county called Butts Co. we passed a bbq place called the hog father. its stereotypical south. and so we were very pleasantly surprised to have great coffee! they make all their syrups in house and the environment was quiet and cool. the girls running the counter were super helpful in our decision making and all in all i only have good things to say about it.

its worth going out of the way!

Posted on April 15, 2015 .