Are we 30 yet?

over the past five years i've been learning all sorts of things about friendship. what it looks like, what it doesn't look like. when to hold on, when to bow out, when to talk and when to listen. sometimes friends are in your life for a season and sometimes they stay forever. both are a good thing, we can learn from both.

the four of us in the picture above have been friends since the beginning(ish) of college and though i'd like to think we'll stay friends til we die, i've learned that your really just never know whats going to happen in life. i do know that i will never forget this time we all have each other. our twenties, all the things we are (still) learning and the people we are turning into these days. last night we had dinner to celebrate Cesia's birthday and we sat around the table talking about work and girl friends and moving across the country and at one point cesia turned to me and said, "i feel like we fast forwarded to the future and we're all in our thirties having dinner..." to witch i replayed, " geez if we're all still unmarried in our thirties we have big problems!"

i'm so thankful for these kids. and i know this photos aren't artistic or really anything special, (unless you think the front of a Mexican restaurant is special, *finger guns*.) but these pictures make me laugh 100 times over and they make me oh so thankful for these three silly people that love Jesus and love life. and i mean other than dillons sun burn we look pretty swell!

i love you weirdos.

for the rest of my life i will laugh very hard when i see this picture. its a long story. forgive them.

Posted on April 22, 2015 .