Washington DC | What We Ate

you know my friend kim is just one in a million. she always cheers me, and makes me laugh. she has a heart for adventures like mine and she is always up for anything. a couple weekends ago i had a wedding up in maryland where she lives and we planned a romp around dc the day after. i'll be honest, we mostly just ate. thats never a bad thing in my book though and we seriously enjoyed everything.

our first stop was brunch. (best meal of the day!) and we ate at founding farmers. the wait was suuuuper long and we ended up just sitting at the bar, but let me just tell you, it was totally worth it. i ate carrot cake pancakes and kim had chicken and waffles. we both tried each others and i truly don't know which one i liked better. its was so good and not expensive at all. so thumbs up and highly recommended.

dc is one of my favorite places to visit in the spring. the blossoms are huge everywhere and petals float around the streets. its just real cheery and makes you want to breathe deep. after brunch we headed to the washington monument for my favorite tourist activity. if you've never done it, next time you visit, scoot your butt right up to the base of the monument and put your fit up. its a crazy feeling. i love it! we started a trend while we were there when a group of older ladies decided they needed to try our trick. such loud giggles. i hope thats me when i'm older. 

we wondered around, visited the over crowded cherry blossoms and then drifted back towards the shopping. we passed shake shack and i mentioned i'd never been. kim told me we needed to have a snack there so we grabbed some shakes and fries. truth: i don't think i've ever had a better milkshake. it was like drinking velvet. or melted butter, or something fantastic and smooth like that. i'm a believer.

the best part of traveling all the time is the sweet visits in between jobs where i get to catch up with friends like kim. where i get to eat great food and take photos just for fun. where i get to see new places and old, and where i'm reminded a thousand times over to be thankful for my twenties and the ever growing mess of a human i get to be right now. hooray for travels, hooray for friends and hooray for milkshakes.