Wednesday Sessions | Mackenzie Newborn

its so hard to believe this little babe is three months old now. it feels like last week we were giggling softly over her while we positioned her for her newborn photos. little mac is the sweetest little thing and i mean that in the best way. such a happy little girl with a head of hair sure to make anyone jealous.

i love this little girl. i was there when she was born and i have loved her mama for most of my life. i pray that this baby grows up into a lady who loves the Lord and puts him first in every area of her life. i pray that she is a champion for truth and a lover of mercy. i pray that she loves people and encourages her parents. i pray that she is understanding and cries with those who are hurting. most of all i pray she will trust Jesus with her life because he loves her more than we ever could.

i love you sweet baby girl, and i can't wait to hold you soon!

Posted on April 29, 2015 .