Friday Sessions | Alexis Harvey

i'll just go ahead and tell you, everyone is having a baby this year. and i also tell you that i am 100% okay with that because it means lots and lots of these sweet sessions! i LOVE maternity shoots. i don't know if there is anything more feminine than an expectant mother. i love these because they are simple, they are always beautiful, they're unique and so very natural.

this past winter i had the sweet privileged to photograph my beautiful cousin Lex. she warned me in our emails that she was not great in front of the camera. (hah!) but when we hit that cold beach she turned into exactly what i knew she would!


i'll tell you right now, that was the perfect light. i don't know if i'll ever see it again. it was like a unicorn. i couldn't stop talking about. the beach is probably not your first idea for a winter maternity shoot but it was absolutely perfect for Alexis. i couldn't be happier with the way these turned out.

*Lex, thanks so much for trusting me and letting me photograph you in all your pregnancy glory! you are a gem! blessings on your sweet, growing family!

Posted on April 3, 2015 .