Saturday Sessions | Sarah Bell Callahan

i am fully and totally in love with this cold winter session in new york. first i'll tell you that i'm also in love with new york winters. probably because i don't live there...but also because i think they are just so beautiful. i mean if its going to snow, it should snow a lot. none of that dusting stuff.

while i was in new york this winter Sarah so kindly let me drag her out in the freezing snow to pose for pictures! we went up to here in-laws house which is high up on a hill with nothing else around it. you can't even imagine how quiet it was up there. the only thing you heard was the crunch of the snow under our feet. i felt like i could stand there for hours and just breathe deeply. sarah was of course a champ (real northerner!) and posed perfectly each time with very little help. such a natural!

we also did part of the session inside the coolest house in the world. (overstatement? probably not...) and i honestly can't decide if i love the outside or the inside photos better. this shoot was seriously a dream and i am again so thankful this is my job, this is what i get to wake up and do. meet people and climb snowbanks of course...

Posted on April 4, 2015 .