can someone tell me where in the ham sandwich the time is going these days? i can't believe its already may. or that my kelce is getting married next week. or the amount of work that is piling up on me. or that fact that i didn't eat at rivermont the whole entire time i was in lynchburg the last few weeks. goodness.

last month i spent some quality time with the sunshine in florida. actually we went to spend quality time with friends from high school (what!?) and i photographed sweet brooke and her growing baby bump. it was so refreshing to be in warm weather and around good company. this winter was hard man.

these photos are sort of all over the place because we did some random things and also i can't find the ones where we actually went to the beach, but they are dear to me. because i love ice cream. and i love these humans. and i love the sunshine. is it time to go back yet?

these are the faces of people who just tried chocolate covered bacon. its disgusting.

Posted on May 11, 2015 .