Dear Sweet Atlanta | Buzzfeed Donut List

i love atlanta georga.

aside from the traffic and the baseball team, its probably my favorite southern city! i love the rolling hills and the fact it always seems to be spring when i'm passing through. two of my life goals for atlanta are visiting the aquarium and seeing the mets beat the braves there. i have a fifty fifty chance of one of those things happening...

this last time i was in the city my sister and i visited the buzzfeed list's sublime doughnuts. i pretty much always think its worth it to stop at these places but this one was extra yummy. although buzzfeed tells you to get some balsamic vinegar something or other and we tried it and it was gross. but the other donuts were great! we ordered a mixed half a dozen and took them to our friends house to share. there were still so many i felt i needed to try though... always the problem.

the shop its self was so cute and painted brightly. its right next to the college so it was packed full of students getting their afternoon pick up. i really really liked this place and its not too far off the highway if you are just driving through. who knows, you might bump in to me there!

Posted on May 12, 2015 .